Handmade Teaching Materials for Students With Disabilities

大妻女子大学 生田茂 編

 2018年8月発刊 396頁 

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Chapter 2(日本における特別支援教育の現状と手作り教材の役割に焦点を当てて)
Focusing on the Current State of Special Needs Education in Japan and the Utilization of Handmade Teaching Materials (pages 20-48)Kiyoji Koreeda, Fumio Nemoto, Michiko YamazakiIn recent years, special needs education in Japan has undergone major changes due to the ratifications of the Convention on the Rights of Persons… Sample PDF

Chapter 5(知的障害の学童のための創作教材と学校における活動)
Original Teaching Materials and School Activities for Students With an Intellectual Disability (pages 111-131)Ryoichi Ishitobi, Fumio Nemoto, Youko Sugita, Susumu Nakamura, Toru Iijima, Azusa Takatsu, Mimiko Taniuchi, Kaoru Harada, Yoshie Kanno, Kota Tagami, Shodai Tanaka, Masayuki Yamashita, Shigeru IkutaMost of the present authors, the teachers at the School for the Mentally Challenged at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba, have been creating original… Sample PDF

Chapter 6(認知発達評価に基づく触れる教材の効果)
Effects of Tangible Teaching Materials According to Evaluation of Cognitive Development (pages 132-159) Eiko Tatematsu. Students who have difficulty communicating with others verbally may be referred to as “individuals in the learning process of concept formation”… Sample PDF