Welcome to Kisoedu!  “The Study Group on Fundamental Education and Handmade Materials“ is our name abbreviated as “Kisoedu. “Kiso” means “fundamental” in Japanese and “edu” means “education”.


It was established by late Fukashi Mizuguti in 1988, who was a principal of a school for special education. Activities of “Kisoedu” have been lasted for 35years.


 We are aiming to clarify the origin of education practically by using Original Handmade Tangible Teaching Materials (OHTTMs) .

“OHTTMs” means not two-dimensional education materials like textbooks, printed papers or tablet devices, but three-dimensional operational materials.


The most important principle conveyed by Mizuguchi (1995) is “Learn from Children,” which suggested as “Observe children’s action carefully and sympathize their joy of learning while they are manipulating OHTTMs.” Mr. Mizuguchi said that OHTTMs are substitute for language.

Now we learn participants’ cognitive skills from their action approaching OHTTMs from infants to elderly persons with/without severe intellectual disability.

Basic policy

(1) We will support the individuals with Severe Learning Difficulty (SLD) and severe behavior issues and/or movement difficulties developing in early stage of human life using OHTTMs . 

(2)We will clarify the basic learning process during concept formation period practically.

(3) We develop the OHTTMs and put ingenuity into them and practice with participants to achieve the purpose of (1) and (2).


(1) Regular meeting and case study (once a month)

(2) Workshop for manufacturing OHTTMs (twice a year)

(3) Educational man-to-man practices with OHTTMs (once a month)

(4) An Exhibition of OHTTMs for other professionals and caregivers (once a year)

(5) Publishing the bulletin of our works (once a year)

(6) Training workshop with elderly people in “Kodoen” -social welfare place

Membership -Requirements for Qualification-

Anytime you can join us if you interest in communicating with persons in the learning process of concept formation (with difficulty of verbal communication). Your situation may be, for example, a student, one of caregivers, supporters or professionals. Please agree with the protection of personal information.

The Venue for the Regular Meeting

Otsuka Special Needs Education School for the Mentally Challenged affiliated with the University of Tsukuba

1-5-5 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan Zip:112-0003

Director: Kiyoko Kabe, Toru Iijima, Fumio Nemoto